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We have the method, the tools and the experience to leverage your business to the skies!

S.A success group was founded by Sapir Shokron, who during ten years of experience in sales and accompaniment sales businesses in Israel and around the world, and after reaping thousands of successes and leading to success businesses that were on the verge of closing – developed the S.A method – based on a unique sales method with dizzying and proven success that will increase sales, revenue and profitability of your business several times over.


Every business is a whole world for us and the level of care and accompaniment are accordingly, especially when it comes to a meticulous world like the sales business. For each business we perform a meticulous analysis for every possible action plan, while involving the customer and full accompaniment – all with the aim of bringing our customers to extraordinary success and financial stability.
We believe that our mission and dedication, while providing proper and professional care to every client, bring us to reap unprecedented successes.
Our unique combination is proficiency and profound professionalism and our determination to help the customer with the belief that every customer deserves to touch success.

The successful and unique method developed for a decade and implemented in thousands of businesses all over the world, which led to drastic financial growth

Mental-psychological work – to improve and refine achievements, whose purpose is to cause the decision makers of the business to always conserve high energy, concentration and always be one step ahead everyone else

Assimilation of leadership attributes in managers and business owners that will affect all the human assets

The service array is the heart of the business! This is how you will turn the business from a successful one – to a reputable business with returning customers, who become ambassadors of the business

Advertising and marketing are not a gamble, therefore they must be planned carefully. A necessary step in the development and growth of the business

In order to stand out, you must set your business apart and thus differentiate it from the competitors and create attractiveness

Our method

Many business owners today are failing to maximize business and achieve results and profitability. During ten years of experience in the field and hundreds of proven success stories we have developed the S.A success group method – the method that will organize your business and your head and open new horizons for you.
We will arrive at your business, examine and study the current conduct and after deeply understanding the business throughout its length and breadth – we will tailor the method and we will tailor it in full accordance with your business, its goals and needs.
The method is based primarily on increasing sales, maximizing transactions and increasing the number of customers.
But for constant stability and development it is not enough.
In addition, we will instill order and organization, build the right division of roles, specialize and maximize professionalism and customer service, and deliver mental training that is an integral part of the success of your business.
After fixing hundreds of businesses and close accompaniment in the sales filed, we have developed a unique and in-depth professional specialization for increasing sales and profits, which is why every customer with us is selected very carefully. The S.A method has the tools and the ability to lead your business to unimaginable success!

Why us?

Full partnership for success by personal accompaniment
and focus on sales business

Proven results over time

Professionalism without compromise

Sharp diagnosis

A decade of experience in the field and accompanying hundreds of business


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